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Gabrielle Is A Girly Girl

gabrielle 180x260I'm Gabrielle, but you can call me Gabby! I think it fits pretty well, because honestly, I am pretty gabby. I love talking and even more than that....I love shopping! I'm young at heart and I enjoy dates with a regular client who has really helped me bring out my girly side. Read on to learn all about it!

I Had Some Special Requests

My client had some requests before I even met him. Since his first phone call, I make sure to adhere to these requests each time we meet. When he had called, he asked me to dress up in a playful outfit that reminded me of when I was a little girl. Ok, so he likes being a father figure. He wants someone younger than himself. All that was fine with me. I found a flowery dress with a swing skirt for that first date. He told me it was perfect. He told me to make sure to dress up in something that makes me feel youthful for each of our subsequent appointments. I always wear makeup and do my hair to make me feel my finest. He loves my appearance and that is all that matters to me.

Cassandra Dishes On Dating Princes

cassandra 180x260Hello, my friends! I am Cassandra, and I am an escort-for-hire who makes it a priority to take care of my clients. If you are going to be in the Vegas area, and you are looking for the companionship of a beautiful woman, I am ready, willing, and able to make your dreams come true. Last year I had the honor of being the private date for a member of royalty. I had the time of my life with a Sheikh (I cannot name names here, I hope you understand) and can't believe how wonderfully he had treated me. 

I Dressed Up For A Night On The Town

When I was informed that an important person was asking for me by name, I was taken aback because I wasn't sure what to expect from a prominent ruler from another country. Would he be expecting me to treat him in the same manner as women from his own land? Would he have some quirky requests that I would not understand? I did know that he had requested me to dress extravagantly as we would be going out into the city to meet up with other important figures. I knew I needed to be ready for anything. I found a gorgeous ballgown encrusted with jewels and I felt like a princess the moment I put it on. I was ready to show this gentleman a good time!

Alyssa Loves Dad Jokes

alyssa 180x260Do you have a thing for corny jokes? I do! My absolute favorite is dad jokes. If someone happens to tell one, I just lose it. There's something about jokes that my dad would tell that get me going. I love them! Are you on the corny side yourself? Do you have a sense of humor that others just don't seem to get? If so, I'm the gal you want to hire for a date! My name is Alyssa and...yes...I find dad jokes humorous. Here's what you'll get when you hire me for a date's a bit away from what you'll expect!

I'm One Of The Most Down-To-Earth Girls You'll Meet

When most guys hire an escort, they look at the beauty she projects. They're into T&A and glamour and glitz. That is not me at all. If you are only looking for a pretty face and body, bypass me and hire one of my coworkers. Trust me! I'm more of the type of girl who will show up for a date in jeans and a sweatshirt. I want to be comfortable and I make my dates feel as if they are with a girlfriend rather than a supermodel. Sure, I'm pretty. Yes, I have a body to die for. I just don't flaunt it.

Brothels: What They Don't Tell You

danielle 180x260If you are planning on visiting Las Vegas, and you want to spend time with a woman while you are there, you may have considered going to a brothel for some action. While this is certainly an option, there are some secret truths about these establishments that you'll want to know in advance of your trip. Here are some hidden aspects brothels don't tell you about to be aware of if you decide to try this form of entertainment.

Location Isn't As Convenient As You Expect

Brothels are only available in pockets of Nevada. You'll see plenty of advertisements from the establishments that offer services, but you'll find out quickly that they aren't as easy to get to as you would expect. Most brothels are located in rural areas, far from other forms of entertainment. While you'll certainly get what you want while you are at an establishment, you'll need to make your way back to bigger cities for other forms. You are pretty much limited to what entertainment you are getting while in the areas of brothels. Some are located near others, however, even sharing parking areas. This gives you the opportunity to hit more than one establishment if you wish. 

Fire House World Convention Attendees Get 25% Off

haley 180x260The Fire House World Convention is coming up quick and if you are planning on attending, you are likely to tend to a schedule to ensure you don't miss out on any of the happenings while you are in Vegas. When you walk away from the expo, you'll want to keep entertained and enjoy the city to the fullest. One wonderful way to spend your time in Sin City is with a gorgeous woman by your side. That's where we can help! Here's some information about our services.

Your Pick From Several Gorgeous Escorts For Your Personal Date

We know that not all guys see eye to eye when it comes to beautiful women. Some enjoy being with a particular age, size, stature, or ethnicity while others tend to be drawn to the opposite. We have dozens of available escorts to choose from. Think of it...women with all types of personalities, all shapes and sizes, and all ages and nationalities are available to select from. You're bound to find someone that piques your interest with all that beauty floating about! To find out what we are talking about, head to our website and do some advance browsing. We are pretty sure you'll like what you see and you'll see a few women that you may want to get to know better. Call or email us and we'll let you know if she is available during the timeframe you request. It is that easy!

Enjoying The Big Game With A GFE Is Revolutionary

dakota 180x260The Superbowl is looming in the near future and having plans for this festive event is a must if you plan on being in Las Vegas when it takes place. With plenty of nightclubs, restaurants, and casinos to choose from, finding somewhere to frequent shouldn't be that difficult. One aspect of the night that can make it a lot better is to have someone come along for the fun to spend time with you. Here is why hiring an escort to pose as your girlfriend can amplify the fun-factor involved when watching the Superbowl.

Interesting Conversation To Keep You Enthralled

Sure, during the big plays, no one really wants to be engaged in a deep conversation. But what about during the downtime between quarters or at halftime if you aren't interested in the musical performance being displayed? This is when having a date can be extremely handy. When you have an escort with you, there's always someone available to speak with to keep you entertained. You'll find that your date is intellectual and full of knowledge to share with you. You'll also be the envy of other guys in the establishment you frequent as you'll be engaged in deep conversation with one of the prettiest guests in the area.

Vegas Has The Best DJs For New Year's Eve Parties

alyssa 180x260Most people enjoy listening to music during their New Year's Eve festivities. If you are ready for a fun-filled night full of the best beats around, then you are in for a treat for this holiday if you are going to be in Vegas. Provided by LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas, you'll soon be engaging in an entertainment array that will surpass your expectations. Here's the rundown on the amenities provided with this awesome deal.

Personal Tour Guides To Bring You To Each Establishment

You'll meet up at the AmeriCAN on S. Las Vegas Blvd to get started. There, you'll meet your hosts and all the others who have signed up for this New Year's Eve excursion. Tickets are required for this event. Get yours online for less than $150 per person. This is an awesome deal, so you can bring along a sexy date provided by our escort service to accompany you. After all, going out alone when you don't know anyone else, can be a bit awkward. Having your partner by your side will provide its own entertainment as well. Your tour guide will bring you to each club and you will stay for an allotted amount of time before moving on to the next establishment. This is a wonderful way to get to know the city and see all it has to offer.

Take Your Escort To A Hockey Game!

krissy 180x260You've taken the plunge and decided you want to spend some time with a sexy woman while in the area. Congratulations, that is one hurdle you have already crossed. The next is to figure out where on earth you are going to bring her. Do you stick with the standard wining and dining? Do you forgo the public scene and just bring her to your place? How about something new for once....a hockey game!

Your Date Will Be Dressed For The Part

Your escort will come to your place ready for a sporting event with the right apparel for the game. If you are a fan of one of the particular teams playing, let her know, and she will match your own team outfit so you look like a couple who wants the same end result when the game comes to an end. She will, of course, add a bit of sexiness to the clothing selection she wears...this will allow you to appreciate her curves and you'll be anticipating all that she has to offer underneath these please of material.

Why Our Girls Love Their Jobs

ashlyn 180x260If you are a frequent escort hirer, or if you are contemplating hiring one soon, the exciting time you will have ahead of you is sure to keep you full of anticipation. Many guys wonder if escorts really enjoy the work that they do. Our girls don't just enjoy it...they downright love it. Here are some reasons why our staff enjoys their work so much.

There Are Always New People To Meet

While our escorts certainly have their fair share of repeat clients, there are always new ones that are added to their line-ups. Meeting new people is one of the great benefits of being an escort. With such a diverse crowd visiting Las Vegas regularly, unique personalities are abundant. This is one of the main reasons that our girls come back day after day to work. There's always someone interesting to meet and new perspectives on life to ponder.

Vegas Escorts are World Famous and High-Class

carmen 180x260Las Vegas has it all. The thrill of trying your hand at luck at one of the many casinos, some of the best chefs in the area to provide you with succulent meals of all types, and the flashiness of fine clothing, vehicles, and some of the most beautiful women in the world. Escorts are in abundance in the city, making it easy to get a date at a moment's notice. Here are some reasons why selecting an escort from our service over lesser-known companies makes sense when staying in the city.

Your Escort May Be Recognized

Some of our escorts are so sought after by clients, they are in high-demand and hard to make dates with. We do, however, sneak in some appearances with new clients to give the escorts the chance to expand their knowledge and meet new people. You may recognize your escort as being one of the famous ones available in the city. If she seems to be familiar, chances are you have seen her on television or in the media as a companion of someone equally famous.

Brothels are Fun, but Escorts are Better

alize 180x260

If you are planning a venture to the Sin City, or you live in Vegas, and you wish to have the companionship of a beautiful woman, you may have considered visiting a brothel to meet your demand. While brothels are certainly entertaining, there is something to be said about hiring an escort instead. Here are some benefits of making this choice when you get the itch to spend time with a gorgeous woman in the city.

You Have The Freedom Of Exploring

Brothels allow you to spend time with a woman, but only in the structure where you hired her. If you would rather have the freedom to go out and about, an escort is a much better selection. Your escort will be available to show you around the area if you are traveling, and even if you live nearby, she might have a few hidden treasures to share with you. You will also have the opportunity to sport your lady by your side in public, giving you confidence as people appreciate her stunning looks.

New Experiences

tessa 180x260

Trying to find ways to improve yourself? Instead of improving yourself, treat yourself! Meaning indulge in opportunities and experiences. In the end being a happier person all around is the best improvement you could ever invest in! Book your first escort! Do you travel for work a lot? Spend a lot of lonely nights in hotel rooms not sure what to do or where to go? You’re just looking for a fun time and companion in a new city? Call girls or escorts are the perfect solutions. Not only will they know the ins and out of the city you’re in they’re trained professionals ready to show you a great time. These sophisticated, sexy women are experts in pleasing and know exactly how to make the night run smoothly. No need to worry about any awkwardness or uncomfortable moments. Just imagine complete relaxation, some great company and pleasure!

Today's work day just does not seem to end at 5pm anymore. Days are getting longer and work is getting harder leaving you with a small amount of time to enjoy yourself. Shouldn't that space of time be used to its fullest and wisely? Here is your chance to explore your truest desires and fetishes. Really dive in and take this opportunity to give those desires you normally wouldn't ask to try a chance!