Gabrielle Is A Girly Girl

gabrielle 180x260I'm Gabrielle, but you can call me Gabby! I think it fits pretty well, because honestly, I am pretty gabby. I love talking and even more than that....I love shopping! I'm young at heart and I enjoy dates with a regular client who has really helped me bring out my girly side. Read on to learn all about it!

I Had Some Special Requests

My client had some requests before I even met him. Since his first phone call, I make sure to adhere to these requests each time we meet. When he had called, he asked me to dress up in a playful outfit that reminded me of when I was a little girl. Ok, so he likes being a father figure. He wants someone younger than himself. All that was fine with me. I found a flowery dress with a swing skirt for that first date. He told me it was perfect. He told me to make sure to dress up in something that makes me feel youthful for each of our subsequent appointments. I always wear makeup and do my hair to make me feel my finest. He loves my appearance and that is all that matters to me.

We Spend Time Doing Fun Activities

Each time we go out, my client makes sure there is entertainment for each of us. One time we went golfing. Another, we went to a local hotel and used their swimming pool. We always go shopping for a portion of our date. That is so much fun. I try on different outfits and showcase them for my client. I always walk away with a few outfits too! This is such a great benefit for me. I love dressing up and I have accumulated quite the wardrobe. Most from just this one client! He loves having me to show off to others and I always go out of my way to make him the center of my attention.

My Youthfulness Turns To Womanliness

When we get back to his place after an excursion out, the woman in me comes out to play. That new outfit I wore home from the store comes off quickly. I usually give my client a striptease so he can appreciate my whole body, completely nude. It's hands-off though until I say. He likes waiting. The anticipation is so thrilling for him. We usually take the date to the bed for a massage. I give him nude massages each time we meet up. He reciprocates the action as well, which is so, so nice. After a date where you are running around shopping, you need to relax. After a massage, comes the bubble bath. Then we massage each other again! It's such a fun time whenever we get together.