Alyssa Loves Dad Jokes

alyssa 180x260Do you have a thing for corny jokes? I do! My absolute favorite is dad jokes. If someone happens to tell one, I just lose it. There's something about jokes that my dad would tell that get me going. I love them! Are you on the corny side yourself? Do you have a sense of humor that others just don't seem to get? If so, I'm the gal you want to hire for a date! My name is Alyssa and...yes...I find dad jokes humorous. Here's what you'll get when you hire me for a date's a bit away from what you'll expect!

I'm One Of The Most Down-To-Earth Girls You'll Meet

When most guys hire an escort, they look at the beauty she projects. They're into T&A and glamour and glitz. That is not me at all. If you are only looking for a pretty face and body, bypass me and hire one of my coworkers. Trust me! I'm more of the type of girl who will show up for a date in jeans and a sweatshirt. I want to be comfortable and I make my dates feel as if they are with a girlfriend rather than a supermodel. Sure, I'm pretty. Yes, I have a body to die for. I just don't flaunt it.

I Use My Humor To My Advantage

Oneliners and snappy responses are abundant when you spend time with me. I look for the funny side of any situation and I'm vocal about my feelings. There's always something good to be seen in any type of scenario. Many guys find this to be a huge advantage. No one wants to be unhappy, so why not make light of things and look for the plusses rather than focus upon the negatives? 

My Dad Is Such An Awesome Person

My father is my hero. No one can compare to him and I think that is why I find dad jokes to be so darn funny. I tell jokes to him and I always get a rise out of him. He's my biggest fan. So, of course, he has to one-up me and tell me some of his own jokes back. Those are the ones that are so corny they make you laugh and laugh. For example, I say, "Hey Dad, can you make me a sandwich since you are in the kitchen"? His response: "Magic're a sandwich!" as he wiggles his fingers around in the air. So corny and dumb it is funny!

Let's Learn More About Each Other

If you are the type of guy who is up for a challenge, give me a call and let's get together. I love quiet times where we just make fun of things around us and I'm more than willing to share more about myself. Humor is the way to go and a date full of fun awaits. What do you have to lose?