Cassandra Dishes On Dating Princes

cassandra 180x260Hello, my friends! I am Cassandra, and I am an escort-for-hire who makes it a priority to take care of my clients. If you are going to be in the Vegas area, and you are looking for the companionship of a beautiful woman, I am ready, willing, and able to make your dreams come true. Last year I had the honor of being the private date for a member of royalty. I had the time of my life with a Sheikh (I cannot name names here, I hope you understand) and can't believe how wonderfully he had treated me. 

I Dressed Up For A Night On The Town

When I was informed that an important person was asking for me by name, I was taken aback because I wasn't sure what to expect from a prominent ruler from another country. Would he be expecting me to treat him in the same manner as women from his own land? Would he have some quirky requests that I would not understand? I did know that he had requested me to dress extravagantly as we would be going out into the city to meet up with other important figures. I knew I needed to be ready for anything. I found a gorgeous ballgown encrusted with jewels and I felt like a princess the moment I put it on. I was ready to show this gentleman a good time!

The Night Was Fascinating And I Felt Like A Star

We went out for dinner at one of the finer restaurants in Las Vegas. There, a business meeting was conducted. I didn't catch the names or nationalities of those in attendance because I was busy tending to my client's desires. He would whisper to me time and time again that he thought I was stunning. He made me feel as if I was really important for being there to be his date for the evening. I had some delicacies I had never tried before and I did my part in keeping the others at the table entertained with stories about the area. I knew when business was in full swing, that I should excuse myself for a bit, and I did so. I came back to a bunch of smiling men, so I guess there was a positive outcome for this get-together. My client asked me to bring him to a club for some celebration. We had a fabulous time dancing and enjoying cocktails together.

We Took The Date To His Hotel And Made Future Arrangements

After the business meeting, my client asked me to spend time with him alone. This was the best part of the evening and I made sure all his wishes were fulfilled. I cannot elaborate on the details, but it involved a sexy striptease and a relaxing massage. He told me he never spent time with a woman as beautiful and caring as myself, and I feel as though we have a special connection because of the intimacy we had shared. He told me he would be visiting again, and that he would like me to be his date each time he was in the States. I had impressed him and can't wait for the next time!