Vegas Has The Best DJs For New Year's Eve Parties

alyssa 180x260Most people enjoy listening to music during their New Year's Eve festivities. If you are ready for a fun-filled night full of the best beats around, then you are in for a treat for this holiday if you are going to be in Vegas. Provided by LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas, you'll soon be engaging in an entertainment array that will surpass your expectations. Here's the rundown on the amenities provided with this awesome deal.

Personal Tour Guides To Bring You To Each Establishment

You'll meet up at the AmeriCAN on S. Las Vegas Blvd to get started. There, you'll meet your hosts and all the others who have signed up for this New Year's Eve excursion. Tickets are required for this event. Get yours online for less than $150 per person. This is an awesome deal, so you can bring along a sexy date provided by our escort service to accompany you. After all, going out alone when you don't know anyone else, can be a bit awkward. Having your partner by your side will provide its own entertainment as well. Your tour guide will bring you to each club and you will stay for an allotted amount of time before moving on to the next establishment. This is a wonderful way to get to know the city and see all it has to offer.

Fun Activities Are Intertwined Throughout The Night

As you make your way from nightclub to nightclub, your guide will provide you with some drinking games to help set the mood. This is for entertainment purposes and will help you relax and get to know others in your group. You'll, of course, have your sexy little number with you to route you on as you try to win. You'll also be provided with photographs of you and your date at each establishment. These are wonderful mementos to look back on to remember the night and your gorgeous date. 

The Main Events To Enjoy After Bar Crawling

Your final bar destination is the OMNIA Nightclub where you will enjoy the performance by Calvin Harris to bring in the new year. This is an event you will not want to miss! Your date will enjoy dancing with you all night long and you'll be at one of the premier events in the city. This occasion requires that you dress to impress, and the dress code is strictly enforced. You'll love seeing your escort's outfit and it'll have you anticipating what is to come after Mr. Harris' set comes to an end. The MAIN event comes when you bring your date back to your place to recap the fun you had all night long. This is when the real action comes into play. Your beautiful date will want to thank you for the fun she had with a striptease, massage, and some alone time. What a great way to start off the year!