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Hope 180x260

Thanks for stopping by, while looking at the escorts Las Vegas can offer for your entertainment. Do you like what you see? Would you like to see more of me? From my long blonde hair to my very long dancer’s legs, everything you see is real, and I work hard to keep it all in shape, smooth, and sexy – for you, and for me.

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Erin 180x260

Ever since 18, I’ve been the kind of girl who knows what she wants out of life, and I'm proud to say I’ve become one of the premiere escorts Las Vegas has ever seen.

Now, as a fully grown, sensuous woman, I know what I like, as well as what you like – and I am here to provide it for you. From my soft blonde hair to my big blue eyes; from my now luscious breasts to my long legs, I can offer you a show unlike anything the other escort Las Vegas has available. How do I know this? Because, I can really appreciate my own womanly body these days; and I love to show it off to others.

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Eva 180x260

Whether you're looking for a date to spend a night on the town, or if you would prefer a quiet dinner for two, I am ready to be your escort to a night of adult entertainment – as long as I wind up naked in your room later. You see, now that I have this killer body, I feel compelled to show it off as often as I can. How many of the escorts Las Vegas offers have told you that they actually need to get naked for you?

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Fara 180x260

 I am a great good luck charm for gamblers, but I am also an entertaining companion at dinner parties and business dinners with the boss. I can definitely hold up my end of a conversation, yet I know when to keep quiet too. Women seem to enjoy my body just as much as men do. The women who’ve chosen me from the amazing variety of escorts Las Vegas can provide have all told me how much they enjoy my willingness to share myself with them. I enjoy them too.

So, it’s time to choose. Just grab the phone and call this former tomboy, Fara, and let me show you exactly how much I love to share my sexy body with you.

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Ryan 180x260

More than a few couples have shared this piece of candy as well, which is a truly glorious experience for me, a best of both worlds experience for everyone involved.

So, now that you’ve wasted half the evening looking at all the escorts Las Vegas can provide for your entertainment, how about making your choice right now? Choose me, a sweet piece of Candy that can make your trip to Vegas something you will always remember.

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Gabrielle 180x260

 I live to share affection, sensuous affection with others who enjoy the same type of sharing. I am here to provide you with an evening of adult sensuality and entertainemnt you are unlikely to find with any of the other escorts Las Vegas can offer you. You will have all of my attention – as long as I receive yours as well.

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Robin 180x260

I truly love spending time with other women who are in town, whether for business or pleasure. I mean really, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, right? Most of the ladies I’ve dated have told me that they enjoy my gentle style, my sweet attitude, and my giving nature. They say I’m the sweetest piece of candy they could have hoped for when choosing from all the other escorts Las Vegas has available.

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Grace 180x260

I am completely comfortable at an elegant restaurant or cocktail party, yet I also fit right in at a good dive bar. I realize that variety is the spice of life, and would love to add some spice to yours. From my curly blond locks to my soft sensuous body, I am a spice treat for anyone who has the presence of mind to enjoy me. Can any of the other escorts Las Vegas offers say the same?

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Haley 180x260

I absolutely love my job. It keeps me on my toes and I am always learning new tricks and things. The other Vegas escorts girls and I agree that this town has so much to offer and our clients are always crawling back for more. Don't you want to me next on my list?

The men I meet adore me, while the ladies love me too. I’ve had quite a few wonderful experiences with female executives who’ve come to Vegas looking for something different in their lives. I can’t help but be thankful they chose me form the incredible variety of escorts Las Vegas has to offer, to help them discover a side of themselves that only another woman can appreciate. And appreciate them I do, believe me.

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Zoey 180x260

Since I love getting attention, I really enjoy putting on shows for groups of men, or women, and especially for couples. I never feel like an outsider when I'm with a couple, but I do love being the focus of their attention. Ladies seem to love me too and, if you're a woman who wants to experience some private girl-time with me, I would just love to spend an evening with you. Yes, I'm one of the most versatile Las Vegas escorts you will find. Before you go to Sapphire Las Vegas, try me on for size ;)

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Ivy 180x260

I absolutely love the work I do because I love to show off my body. Not exactly sure how or why I’m such an exhibitionist but, it’s what I love to do, so this is the perfect job for me. If you’ve been checking out all the other tall, blonde, sexy escorts Las Vegas can provide; if you're looking for a girl who like sharing her body, then I am definitely the girl for you.

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Rachel 180x260

I take good care of my body, keeping it soft, sexy, and smooth all over. I just love the look and feel of smooth, sexy skin everywhere. It makes me feel almost as young as I look. In fact, most men tell me I look too young to have the body that I have – and the naughty personality to go with it! Even though I look like a teenage girl at first, I have the mind and body of a woman; a woman who knows what she likes in men – and in other women, which makes me one of the most gifted escorts Las Vegas can provide.

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Julie 180x260

Las Vegas is ment for playing. Want to come play with me? High class Las Vegas escorts, myself included, absolutely love our jobs and our regular clients. I personally love to experience something new from time to time. Want to be my something new tonight?

Maybe we could share a couple’s night? I just love it when all those legs get tangled. In fact, my legs are long enough to get tangled with both of you. Or, put me in the middle and see what happens. Not many of the escort Las Vegas provides have legs as long as mine – or as flexible! Bend me, shape me, any way you want me, Baby.

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Patience 180x260

For me, new experiences are the stuff of living, and I enjoy the way being with a couple can provide that for me. I’m a versatile kind of girl, with a wide range of tastes. Spending and evening – or longer – with a couple looking for adventure is my kind of evening. I think, if you’re that couple, you will be pleased just how resourceful and flexible I can be. There aren’t many girls like me in the menu of escorts Las Vegas has available.

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Nikki 180x260

Now that you know what the ladies love about me, you may wonder what the men think of me. Well, of course, they love my tits and ass, which are pretty nice, don’t you think? They also enjoy my fun loving, generous personality, and my giving nature. I also enjoy meeting new people and new experiences, which is why I love my job. Every man and woman I meet is an adventure. In fact, I think you would have to say that I'm the most adventurous escort Las Vegas can provide for you this evening.

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Lana 180x260

Just what is it you're looking for, anyway? I have spent hours on the floor of the Convention Center as the hostess for a variety of companies who want to put a pretty face with their products. I’ve spent many evenings as the date of important business people looking to impress their colleagues at business dinners, meetings and cocktail parties. And, I’ve been a memorable experience for many ladies who’ve decided to experience something they’ve never tried before. I just may be the most resourceful and adaptable girl you can find from the incredible variety of escorts Las Vegas has available right now.

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Lexus 180x260Are you looking for a GFE experience this evening? I’m the girl for you. Do you need a date for a weekend of partying and playing at the lake? I love the sun and water. Or, how about a week of travel to help you relax after a long, boring business trip to Vegas? Take me along as your escort to pleasure, and we will both have a wonderful memory to keep. I really don’t think you can find a more willing companion than me, no matter how much time you spend looking at all the escorts Las Vegas can provide.

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brianna 180x260

Did you know that I am one of the best Las Vegas escorts in town? Believe me, all my clients come crawling back for more. But I always enjoy meeting new men. Please call me and take me out with you tonight. I promise it will be a night you wont forget.

Men enjoy spending time with me, just as I do with them. But women and couples enjoy my talents too, almost as much as I enjoy displaying those talents for them. I told you I was versatile, didn’t I? I love the ladies, and their men too. How many of the girls you’ve seen this evening, from among all the other escorts Las Vegas has out there, have admitted that for you?

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Wendy 180x260

Ok, sure, I’ve heard it all before and thank you, I know my body is just about perfect. You know what I like best though? I think I have a great smile, and a fun loving personality to go with it. I thoroughly enjoy entertaining visitors to Vegas and, as one of the premiere independent Las Vegas escorts, I work hard to be the best adult entertainer in town. Surpassing the shows at Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas even!

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Tiffany 180x260

I think you can tell by looking at my pictures that I’m a fun-loving girl, just as you can tell that I have a cute little body. While playing dress up is a wonderful game, taking a dress off is very sexy too. I keep myself soft and smooth everywhere, ‘cause that’s the way I like it. My hair is long and soft. My titties are just about perfect and, the rest of me isn’t bad either. And, although I admit I look young, I’m one of the sexiest Las Vegas escorts you could hope to find. I know how to have fun with the other girls if you take me with you to Treasures Las Vegas.

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ashlyn 180x260

For all of you ladies out there who’ve never dated a girl, I can definitely make your ex jealous too. Ooh, wouldn’t that be a fun thing to do? Can you imagine the look on his face when he realizes you’ve chosen a sweet, innocent looking girl to replace him? How many of the escorts Las Vegas can provide have offered that particular service to you? Absolutely none, right?

If you’ve always wanted a totally hot las vegas, escort, blondwith a girl like me; so young; so sweet; so innocent looking; yet anything but, make the call and ask for me, Ashlyn. No other girl out there, no matter how many times you go through the list of the escorts Las Vegas has available, will do for you what I can do.

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tessa 180x260

Men love me; couples adore me; and women treasure an evening with me, as I do with them. For me, the best thing in the world is a weekend of playing; whatever the game. I can do some fishing with a sportsman, a little Twister in the nude with a couple, or just some intimate time with a lady on the lake. If a true GFE experience is what you're looking for, among Las Vegas escorts, I’m known as the GFE to choose. Dont take chances with what you get at Club Paradise Las Vegas.

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alexa 180x260

Just think, your in Sin City and ready to party. Don't you want a beautiful chick at your side, hanging on your arm, ready to party with you? Just imagine how jealous your friend will be when they see me with you. Make me you Las Vegas escorts girl tonight and I promise you wont regret it.

Am I too young for you? Do I look too sweet and innocent to make your dreams come true? Or, am I just what you’ve been looking for from the incredible array of escorts Las Vegas has available? Whether you're looking to relive the memory of your high school sweetheart or the girl who got away all those years ago, or even if you're just looking for someone to be your special little girl for the night, I’m that girl, Daddy.

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brea 180x260

You should call me. I am one of the best Las Vegas escorts in Sin City. My of my clients are regulars. I know how to make you feel comfortable and know how to make you have fun as well. Let me be your girl tonight and I promise you wont regret it.

What are you looking for right now? Would you like to spend the evening getting to know someone new, or may I play the role of the one who got away for you? I am quite an exhibitionist by nature, but I can also play the demure tease for you. There are not too many of the escorts Las Vegas has available who look like me, or who will role play with you the way that I will. I can be any woman you want me to be.

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Stacey 180x260

Most people tell me I look too young and innocent to do what I do for a living; too much like the girl next door; or somebody’s little sister. Well, no way, that is not me. I love to play with strangers. In fact, the stranger the better…LOL! Just kidding. But I do love being one of the most popular Las Vegas escorts in Sin City, because that means I get to do what I love best, playing with people I’ve just met.

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Shelby 180x260

So, now that you’ve seen me, and read a bit about me, why are you still only looking? Don’t you think it’s time we got together and shared that shower; that shower of affection I promised you? Maybe, since Vegas gets so hot, I can take a shower for you, as part of the private, intimate show I will provide for you. Have any of the other escorts Las Vegas has available offered to shower for you?

Now is the time to pick up the phone and call me, April, the lovely flower who will shower you with affection.

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Savannah 180x260I have a great sense of humor, and am quick with a joke. I also enjoy good conversation and getting to know you first – before I get naked for you. Then, I’ll have a much better idea how to entertain you. From my soft, perky young titties to my pretty little tootsies, everything I have is here for you to enjoy and appreciate. Oh, I so love an audience that appreciates me. Have any of the other escorts Las Vegas has to offer impressed you with their willingness to share themselves with you so completely?

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Claudia 180x260

This dream vacation can become a reality the minute you land in Las Vegas, too, if you plan your trip right. One of these Las Vegas Escorts can pick you up in style at the airport in a beautiful Limo, dressed to impress and ready to take you to your hotel. If you can't make that arrangement ahead of times the girls can generally be to your room in 30 minutes or less, depending on the time of day!

I won’t say I'm perfect. That would make me sound conceited; but I am capable of providing you with a perfect evening of adult entertainment, an evening you will not soon forget. Even with the incredible variety of escorts Las Vegas has to offer; from blondes to brunettes to redheads; from ebony beauties to pretty white girls to luscious Latinas, there are not many girls out there who look like me.

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Sandy 180x260

I may look like a wholesome mid-western girl from fresh off the farm but, I live and work in Sin City; the town where dreams can, and often do, come true. I would not be one of the most popular escorts Las Vegas has seen in recent years if I did not know how to make the dreams of others come true. What kind of dream would you like me to turn into reality for you?

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Crystal 180x260

You go away to become someone else after all, don't you? To escape your normal life and do things you would not normally be caught dead doing where ever you are from; well these Vegas escorts can and will play along with whatever game or fantasy you choose to play out! Beautiful girls make beautiful dreams just that much more beautiful!

I’ve had more than one man ask me to marry him, but I’ve also had quite a few women tell me they were in love with me! Well, I love the ladies too! I even had one couple ask me to move to Utah so we could all get married!!! In fact, I recently took a survey of all the escorts Las Vegas has to offer. I’ve received more proposals of marriage than any of them…just kidding! LOL!

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Dakota 180x260

I love this crazy city. This town is so full of adventure is changing all the time. Me and the other Las Vegas escorts girls are crazy about this place. So many things are new and the old stuff stays around for a reason. Sin City is fantastic, will you let me show you?

So, what do you think? Are you ready to spend and evening, or longer, with me? Are you man enough – or woman enough to handle a girl like me? From my titties to my toes, I am here to offer you whatever you need to be happy. I think I’m one of the most versatile, most flexible, most accommodating escorts Las Vegas has ever seen. Would you like to see just how flexible I can be?

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Danielle 180x260

Ok, now tell me the truth. Just how long have you spent checking out all the sexy escorts Las Vegas can make available to you? I think, now that you’ve found me, it’s time to choose, don’t you? Make the call and ask for me, Danielle, the girl who is always ready to get nippley for you.

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